I am amazed at what I see as of late in this world. THE HUMANS are having a pandemic, a world wide virus where people are sick and thousands are dying. Society has been put into a state of panic, the likes this world has never seen. People have been confined to their homes, schools are closed, jobs are shut down and toilet paper disappears from all the stores. Yes the humans have finally lost their minds. I knew it was going to happen, just didn’t think it would be in my lifetime…Lol… But yet, an even stranger thing is happening in our animal world because of this human pandemic, that so many are not even aware of. As a licensed wildlife rehabber this 2020 season started out with NO animals to rehab except one baby squirrel we named “Jellybean” in early January. We went for months with no calls, which is terribly different than previous baby seasons. Usually the season starts off with a bang with people finding babies after the rains or on their walks in the woods or weekends camping. Babies people have found by accident or their cat has drug them in or they’ve just taken from their homes because they found them and “wanted” them. My husband and I watched and as long as people were told to stay home and stay inside because of the pandemic, we got no calls on babies . I was amazed no babies at all. Then it happened. People were told they could go outside and the minute they did, we started getting calls and baby season started.. I laughed. How ironic. It reminded me of “chernobyl” which many of you probably don’t even recall. ( Chernobyl : The worst nuclear power plant disaster ever, that occurred April 26th 1986 in the Northern Ukraine) Its an area where radiation keeps humans out of. Where the land is now growing wild, beautiful and animals are thriving and multiplying and living in harmony with no fear of human intervention. Things like this amaze me.So now that the humans are out and about again, the animal world is disrupted . This just tells me that if humans did not interfere with nature it would live and thrive very well on its own. Im sure this is true in so many other things in this world as well. But it is the animal world that concerns me, so that is where I see it.

As the season went on we did get calls on raccoons , squirrels, opossums and our favorite, a litter of coyote pups. So with the pandemic raging on and life as we knew it thrown into craziness, Vista del Ray rehabbed animals like crazy and released many this year of 2020 with no problems.