Our center has several enclosures all for different purposes and different animals….When we bring in tiny new babies we like to keep them close at hand to watch and monitor their well being. Until we are able to get a separate small nursery house (which we are striving to raise money to get this season) we have a section of our house with an enclosure that we keep nursing boxes and baskets in for these tiny ones…. After they are weaned we have two enclosures on our back deck they get moved out to for the next few months, so we can closely watch them…As they grow older and get closer to release they go to enclosures farther away from us and the house to get adjusted to the outdoors and woods where they will be released, usually at 6-8 months depending on the animal.


BACK DECK ENCLOSURE we use banners for wind breaks and shade on enclosures, they are very flexible.


10 x 12 Enclosure


25 x 25 Enclosure


Soft Release Enclosure


Main Coyote Enclosure

First pictures are the very early stages…We started with the inner viewing and feeding enclosure and safe walkway for public viewing when we start having tours…


Fox add-on enclosure