Care and Feeding

Vet visit

Have to keep them calm and comfortable on these visits.. We usually have no problems .. We give our own shots at the center to keep cost down but do take them for one visit to get checked over. We vaccinate and worm all of our animals ourselves.

We’ve only had two surgeries …… This was an amputation of back leg from an injury. She lived for two weeks after this then one day when we came home she had bled to death… It was a very sad day.

This one is to remove an tumor out of our Zipper boys tummy…He did fine and is still with us today…



When we first get an animal in of any breed there are certain things that have to be done. First an all over basic check for fleas and ticks, bathe them . As I bathe them I check for broken bones any abnormalities in body structure , fur, anything that’s not right. Check ears even if not open yet as well as their eyes and tails. Then record weight, color , sex and any special markings ..


We feed a variety of foods from the time we get an 8 oz animal to the time we release them. We start them out on “FOX VALLEY FORMULA’S” which is all we use here… Weaning time is a challenge and a very messy time which in turn calls for many many baths…. But it is a very fun time too… One of our favorites.