My husband and I took a quick trip to Oklahoma for the weekend to go to the PBR and decided that on our way home we were going to stop by for a visit at the Oklahoma Rehab Center called “WILDCARE”.
I have been acquainted with this fine place for a little over 2 years. I have e-mailed, text, FB and even called once or twice for animal info. They have always helped us here at Vista del Ray when they could.
We are so glad we stopped by . It is a beautiful place . Jenna (forgive the spelling if it’s wrong) gave us a grand tour of the whole place inside and out. It was so awesome we were there for almost three hours. We drank in all the information we could, I wished I had taken a notebook to write it all down… Jenna was such a pleasant person and so very educated in the field of animals and rehab. You could tell she loves her work there…
We left with so much hope and ideas that some day we will have our facility built up and running like theirs…Thank you Wildcare for all you do and thank you so very much for making our day.

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